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Porsche Fanatics

Matt and Linda Stogryn are true Porsche fanatics. They own 7 Porsches ranging from a 1974 914 to 2015 Cayman 981. Their obsession began with a 2002 911 Targa and grew form there. As dedicated members of the Porsche Club of America, Canada West Region, they are immersed in the Porsche community and enjoy many Porsche related activities and event. Matt and Linda give us a walk around tour of their Porsche collection and tell us why they love the cars so much.

Video Transcript:

Hi folks and Welcome to Center Lane. I'm Bruce Hitchen and today I'm here with Matt and Linda Stogran and they are true Porsche fanatics. So between them they have seven Porsches. I'm wondering if you can sort of tell me about how this obsession with the Porsche started? Okay Bruce so the Spring of 2015 I decided I wanted to have a sports car for the summer so of course I went back to, you know old TRs and things of like that from my youth. And then I eventually decided, you know I really would like a Porsche. So I started looking around. I had thought about buying one a long time earlier but had never done it. And I came across our 996 Target for sale and I'd always liked the Targa model so I bought it. It wasn't long after that I would say the Spring of 2016 when I met my beautiful wife Linda. And a few months later we were sitting on the deck, looking out at the ocean, having a glass wine. And I said if there was ever anything that she really wanted? She goes I've never had a Porsche so we got onto the subject of 928 because I had just recently seen one for sale. She goes, oh I really like that and oddly enough while we were thinking about buying one she came across your YouTube series on your 928. I did. Which she watched every single episode, as I did. And we came across this 928 up in Kelowna so we bought it for Linda. So Linda can you tell me what was it that attracted you to that car? Well I love the styling and the muscle car aspect of the 928 and when Matt asked me what kind of car I wanted, that's the first thing that came to my mind. So he looked for one we found this one and when the lady opened the garage to show it, I loved it immediately. I thought it was beautiful, I love the color, we took it for a drive, I couldn't believe how smooth it was and how powerful it was so we snapped it up right there. You've told me about car one, car two ,how did it evolve from there? Well I was driving in Langley one day Bruce and a fellow stopped at a light and yelled over at me, "hey I really love that Targa. I want to buy it from you." He texted me and we talked a bit. I called a good buddy of mine to say well you know this guy wants my Targa. What's it worth? And he goes, oh well you know get whatever you can get for it but in the meantime he says, I've got this beautiful 997 on the lot, come and look at it. So I went down, took one look at it said okay we'll take it. So now we're sitting with three cars in our driveway. Actually four because Linda had another one at the time. I actually don't remember why I joined it or how I found out about the Porsche Club. And in the Spring we started to go out to events with the club, really enjoyed it. Went on some tours, enjoyed it more, met some great people and went on to keep adding to the fleet of cars. It's just great fun. It's a fantastic club, great people, great events to go to. So we have a great time with the club. And very social for us because we had a new relationship and so it was meeting all new people and the car was the what brought us to these people, all the cars. And Linda was this something that you kind of just got swept along with or was your passion for the cars as strong as his passion for the cars? Yes, I had the same passion. Especially when we started going on tours and with other people in other cars and we saw how much fun it was and I wanted to do more. It's a little bit of a weird obsession.

Can you tell me how that obsession just sort of turned into, you know, from three which is a little bit excessive, not maybe too bad for two people, but seven is quite a few? Well it was one Christmas my daughter gave us a book about the history of Porsche and on the front of it was a 356 Cabriolet. So Linda was looking through the book and one day she says to me you know I want a 356. And I went, whoa. You know like that's a little too much money so maybe a replica car and one popped up in Vancouver which we bought. We had that car for a couple of years before we did sell it because it was truly a sunny day car. We got married in it so it was a nice car to have for the pictures. Yeah and after we bought that one, I said to Linda one day, you know I'd really love an air cooled car. So I started looking around and I came across my '95 993 Carrera 4 for sale in Vancouver. The guy had to sell it because his wife wanted a house and he needed more down payment. He was crying when we left.

Wherever you go somebody always wants to talk about one of the cars because they're all sort of unusual in their own way. It's true. They are all different. That's what I like about Porsche. They have similar similar styling but some cars the keys on the right, some on the left, some the windows are on the door, some are on the console. It's just you know, it's changing it up. It's not like driving a certain brand of car and you get into the car and they all feel the same. They feel completely different. And we as we got more and more involved in the club you know Matt became the tour chair and so we were running all the tours for the club and we just love taking different cars and being able to have different events. Like, we just did the transaxle event and we had the 928 and then we just did an air cooled event and we took the 993 so we really liked the diversity of it and we really liked the club and we didn't really think about any other brands. So when we first started acquiring them I couldn't remember the numbers because there's 914, 993, 996 and so I named them all okay so it was easier for me to refer to a car by a name that i gave it instead of trying to figure out what the number was so that's why I named all the cars. So what's this one's name right here? Joy. It's the first generation of the true PDK which is a fantastic transmission for getting out of the road. Whether you want to do it in manual mode or auto or whatever. It's 385 horsepower. It's super fun. We've taken it on a number of distance drives it's been a really, really good car. The 928 is an '89. The car is pretty much original on the interior. We really didn't do a lot to it. When I first got it we did a little bit of front suspension work and then it was trouble free. We did a few things to it this year which is just things you'd expect on a 30 year old car that will go wrong. This car is like taking your Lazy-boy for a drive.

It's a 996. This is the gen 2 996. It's the Targa. I always liked the Targa. I thought the Targa looked really great with that big glass roof that opens up and the fact that you have the hatchback at the same time.

Yeah, I can put two sets of golf clubs in the back as long as I take the drivers out. It's like driving a convertible but you got a coupe and it's uh it's a fun car. We needed a Winter car Linda thought. Yes. So she said we need a Winter car, it's gotta be a Porsche, let's get a Cayenne. Well we needed a vehicle that we could take grandchildren in because we have nine of them and we also wanted something that was winter worthy for commuting in the snow and so we bought the Cayenne S. Actually, we love this truck. It serves all our truck needs. This is the baby. This is the baby yeah. This is the '95 993 Carrera 4. There was only about 490 of these produced in '95 so it was eligible for collector plates early as a limited edition model. It's not a highly optioned 993. It does have the sport seats which are a pretty expensive option in today which increases the value of this car quite a bit. It's low kilometers. It's 77,000. I think we've probably put about 13,000 on it at the most in, I don't know, what four years. We've had it...we don't drive it a lot you know mostly on sunny days, occasionally in the rain but not on purpose. No. generally. And we got the Cayman so this is a '15, six cylinder, base model. Six speeds so you get to really wind out the gears. We love the Cayman because of the frunk up in the, the front. It's super, super handy. It's great on a trip, it looks really good with the black wheels on the black car. Just a fun, fun car. The transmission is the so silky smooth it's not even funny. And this one I named Bliss because it's very blissful when you drive it. It's a fun car. It looks good, it feels good. Besides it was kind of an interesting model of a Porsche to own, I wanted something that was really simple that I could tinker with. No computers, it's straightforward, you know, roll up windows, odd dog leg five-speed transmission, there's only a half a dozen relays on the whole car. It's just something I'm gonna fiddle around with over the next, you know, half a year or so, getting all the little quirks out of it that people have done to it over the years and then it'll be taken apart and go for a restoration. The original steering wheel, original seats...

Lift that up there's still space there.

So that's, that's the roof which is a super light fiberglass. Easy, easy, easy to put on.

And then of course the engine is in uh inside there. Little this is a 2056 converted to twin carbs. Does it go okay? Oh yeah, it goes like hell. It doesn't right oh yeah like once you get it you know between second, third, and fourth, and fifth. I've been down the highway the speedometer's saying 95 miles an hour I got power to burn.

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