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Bruce's 928 - Episode 9

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This is the last episode before the big reveal of the Porsche 928 Restoration. The car is being put back together and all the final touches are being done. The car has now been wet sanded and polished, the windows are being tinted, keyless entry installed, and a modern chipset has been installed and the car tuned.

This series documents the restoration of my 1990 Porsche 928 s4. I first fell in love with the 928 when it was featured as the hero in Risky Business. The 928 was Porsche first water cooled V8. With it’s 32 valve 5 litre engine it had 316 bhp and was a true supercar, breaking the land speed record on the Utah Salt Flats at 172 mph in 1987. This series follows the process of mechanical, paint and body work, and interior restoration. It also looks at some of the unique features of the car and the history behind it.


Hello and welcome to the 9th episode of Bruce's 928. The car is getting close to being complete and I'm really excited to see it all coming together. In previous episodes I've mentioned, how long things were taking and how frustrated I've been getting with the process. Well, since then, the car's been painted, fully wet sanded, and cut polished. Here you can see how good it looks. The waiting has been a bit brutal but from the beginning I told everyone working on the project that the most important thing is to do a good job not a quick job. I still have to see everything go back together but at this point I'm pretty happy. Now it's time when all the hard work starts to take shape. First is the exterior. Colin's getting the bumpers, lights, sunroof, and mirrors back into the car. He tapes all the edges where the panels meet so that the fresh paint doesn't get scratched in the process. I can't imagine embarking on this process without Colin's guidance along the way.

So in order to make the paint job absolutely pop we are replacing the hood emblem. And also to help reduce the interior temperatures and therefore make the interior last longer, we will be tinting all three of the rear windows. They will be outside of the vehicle to have this done. And then we will also be putting on keyless entry system in the vehicle as well.

Colin has helped with all the little details. I wanted to do some sound deadening in the car so I purchased some Second Skin and Colin has lined the interior skins of the doors and the roof of the car while the headliner was out. He's also figured out a way to get my cloth working properly and he's going through a list of items that I discussed with him. That list also includes replacing all of the bulbs with LEDs, wiring my iPod so it can be located inside the console, adding a rear view mirror that has Home Link for my garage door and an auto dimming feature, fixing my windshield washer nozzles that don't work very well, replacing one of the gas struts on the rear hatch, wiring in my Bluetooth interface so I can make and receive calls, and he's going to install a chipset and do custom tuning to make the car run much better. From the beginning my goal has been to have everything working perfectly on the car, and adding a few extra touches to make it extra special.

The nice thing about doing a project like this is that it is, it's definitely something a little bit different from the ordinary and in the end you get a product which looks phenomenal. The vehicle will come in here, it'll have a few imperfections and when the vehicle is collected and taken away it will be absolutely perfect, there will be no scratches, no little nicks, no swirls in the paint, it will look like a showroom car. I've also brought the new wheels and tires to Colin so they can be installed prior to me picking up the car when it's all done. It's sure great to see the car coming along especially after feeling like it was never going to get done. The next and last episode in this series will reveal the finished car and I can't wait to get behind the wheel. Until then, thanks for watching.

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