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Car Detailing Like A Pro

I own a number of cars and over the years I have learned the proper steps involved to detail cars properly. I have hired professionals to do detailing, paint correction, and to ceramic coat my Porsche 928 but for the most part, I do my own detailing to keep them all looking beautiful. I have produced video segments for a professional car detailer that I know quite well so he has imparted much of his knowledge and I have watched hours of instructional videos on the Adam's Polishes site. This video focusses on the steps to properly clean and detail the exterior of your car. It covers washing, drying, claying, and polishing. While I'm not a professional detailer, I cover the main steps to restore and maintain your car's exterior. These steps will bring a car back to a like new finish and make it feel like you just drove it off the showroom floor.

Watch this video to follow me as I completely wash, dry, clay, and polish the exterior of this Infiniti G60. Here's a link to watch it on Center Lane:

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