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Amazing Motorcycle Collection | The Deeley Exhibition

The Trev Deeley Exhibition showcases one of the finest private motorcycle collections in Canada. The exhibit preserves the history and the beauty of these gorgeous bikes and displays them for public viewing.

Trev Deeley began his motorcycle racing career at age 16 and build a reputation for being a phenomenal racer. Deeley competed, won, and set a series of track records in numerous races and was a three-time competitor in the 200-mile road race in Daytona Beach, Florida riding a Harley-Davidson. In 1972 he was given inclusive rights for the distribution of Harley-Davidson products in Canada, and was the first Canadian appointed to the Board of Directors for Harley-Davidson.

The current owners of Trev Deeley Motorcycles, Malcolm Hunter and Don James have carried on Trev’s tradition of collecting and displaying motorcycles at their store in Vancouver.

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